O'Brien Trophy Winners

Originally the championship trophy of the National Hockey Association, the trophy was taken over by the National Hockey League and awarded to the league champions. Upon the donation of the Prince of Wales Trophy to the NHL in the early 1920's, a decision was made by the league executive to retire the O'Brien Trophy. However in 1928, the O'Brien Trophy officially was awarded to the Canadian team with the most points. The significance of the O'Brien Trophy was again altered in 1939, when it became the award handed out to the losing Stanley Cup finalist. The trophy was officially retired by the NHL at the end of the 1949-50 season.

Year Winner(s)
1950 Montreal Canadiens
1949 Boston Bruins
1948 Detroit Red Wings
1947 Toronto Maple Leafs
1946 Boston Bruins
1945 Detroit Red Wings
1944 Detroit Red Wings
1943 Boston Bruins
1942 Toronto Maple Leafs
1941 Toronto Maple Leafs
1940 New York Rangers
1939 New York Rangers
1938 Toronto Maple Leafs
1937 Montreal Canadiens
1936 Montreal Maroons
1935 Toronto Maple Leafs
1934 Toronto Maple Leafs
1933 Toronto Maple Leafs
1932 Montreal Canadiens
1931 Montreal Canadiens
1930 Montreal Maroons
1929 Montreal Canadiens
1928 Montreal Canadiens
1923 Ottawa Senators
1922 Toronto St. Patricks
1921 Ottawa Senators
1920 Ottawa Senators
1919 Montreal Canadiens
1918 Toronto Hockey Club
1917 Montreal Canadiens
1916 Montreal Canadiens
1915 Ottawa Senators
1913 Quebec Bulldogs
1912 Quebec Bulldogs
1911 Ottawa Senators
1910 Montreal Wanderers

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