Clarence S. Campbell Bowl Winners

Presented by the member clubs in 1968 for perpetual competition by the National Hockey League in recognition of the services of Clarence S. Campbell, President of the NHL from 1946 to 1977. From 1967-68 through 1973-74, the trophy was awarded to the regular-season champions of the West Division. Beginning in 1974-75, it was awarded to the regular-season winner of the conference bearing the name of the trophy. From 1981-82 to 1992-93, the trophy was presented to the playoff champion in the Campbell Conference. Since 1993-94, the trophy has been presented to the playoff champion in the Western Conference.

Year Winner(s)
2015 Chicago Blackhawks
2014 Los Angeles Kings
2013 Chicago Blackhawks
2012 Los Angeles Kings
2011 Vancouver Canucks
2010 Chicago Blackhawks
2009 Detroit Red Wings
2008 Detroit Red Wings
2007 Anaheim Ducks
2006 Edmonton Oilers
2004 Calgary Flames
2003 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
2002 Detroit Red Wings
2001 Colorado Avalanche
2000 Dallas Stars
1999 Dallas Stars
1998 Detroit Red Wings
1997 Detroit Red Wings
1996 Colorado Avalanche
1995 Detroit Red Wings
1994 Vancouver Canucks
1993 Los Angeles Kings
1992 Chicago Blackhawks
1991 Minnesota North Stars
1990 Edmonton Oilers
1989 Calgary Flames
1988 Edmonton Oilers
1987 Edmonton Oilers
1986 Calgary Flames
1985 Edmonton Oilers
1984 Edmonton Oilers
1983 Edmonton Oilers
1982 Vancouver Canucks
1981 New York Islanders
1980 Philadelphia Flyers
1979 New York Islanders
1978 New York Islanders
1977 Philadelphia Flyers
1976 Philadelphia Flyers
1975 Philadelphia Flyers
1974 Philadelphia Flyers
1973 Chicago Black Hawks
1972 Chicago Black Hawks
1971 Chicago Black Hawks
1970 St. Louis Blues
1969 St. Louis Blues
1968 Philadelphia Flyers

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