National Hockey League Information

NHL Team Logos
Detroit has the Winged Wheel just like Toronto has it's Maple Leaf. All the NHL logos and even some extras are here. We've got everything from logos for teams long gone like the Atlanta Flames and Oakland Seals to the old All-Star logos for the North America and World teams.
League Awards
The Stanley Cup and the Hart Trophy. The Vezina Trophy. The Conn Smythe Trophy and the Jack Adams Award. All the NHL Awards are listed here, along with the NHLPA's Lester B. Pearson Award and all NHLFA awards. Every winner in each award's history is listed.
All-Star Game Results
Ever wonder what the score of the first NHL All-Star Game was? Here you'll find your answer, as this is where we have every All-Star Game's score and host team listed.
NHL Arenas
Every self-respecting Red Wings fan knows that Detroit plays at Joe Louis Arena, but who calls Scotiabank Place home? Where do the Pens play? What's the new arena in Phoenix? Every NHL arena is listed here.
Relocation / Expansion Timeline
Not every team in the NHL has always been in the city they are today. In 1974 the New Jersey Devils were still the Kansas City Scouts, and in 1980 the Atlanta Flames became the Calgary Flames. Trace the expansion of the NHL and the relocation of it's teams here.

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