Chris Osgood Multimedia Files

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Chris Osgood raises the Stanley Cup after leading the Wings to a sweep of the Capitals in the 1998 Finals.
Chris Osgood focuses on a faceoff as the puck is about to drop.
Chris Osgood sprawls out across the crease to make a stop on Dallas' Mike Keane.
Chris Osgood does battle at center ice with Colorado's Patrick Roy.1:05
Chris Osgood stands in goal during a stoppage of play.
Chris Osgood gets a piece of a shot, then snatches the fluttering puck out of mid-air before it can cross the goal line.0:42
Chris Osgood dives to glove a Colorado shot out of mid-air in the 1996 Mastercard Cutting Edge Play of the Year.0:14
Chris Osgood fires the puck the length of the ice and into the empty net to score a goal.0:19
Chris Osgood sprawls across the ice in front of the goal to make a save.
Chris Osgood makes a save, then looks back into the goal to make sure he actually stopped it.
Chris Osgood blows a bubble while sitting on the bench as the backup goalie.

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