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Aaron Downey takes on Colorado's Ian Laperriere.0:26
Aaron Downey and Anaheim's Sean O'Donnell square off.0:38
Dan Cleary goes toe-to-toe with Anaheim's Chris Pronger in a short fight.1:20
Aaron Downey goes toe-to-toe with Minnesota's Todd Fedoruk.1:20
Aaron Downey fights Columbus' Jared Boll in a long bout that sees Downey waving off the linemen in the middle.2:24
Aaron Downey and Columbus' Jared Boll grab ahold of each other as their long fight winds down and is broken up.
Aaron Downey and Columbus' Jared Boll throw punches as their long fight continues.
Aaron Downey and Columbus' Jared Boll tangle while the officials keep their teammates from interfering.
Aaron Downey and Columbus' Jared Boll grab ahold of each other at the start of a fight.
Aaron Downey and Jody Shelley square off in Columbus.
Tomas Kopecky fights Chicago's Patrick Sharp.1:00
Aaron Downey tries to avoid a fight with San Jose's Rob Davison but gives in and the two pummel each other.1:27
Aaron Downey takes on San Jose's Kyle McLaren.1:12
Dallas Drake takes down Chicago's Adam Burish after a short fight.
Dallas Drake and Chicago's James Wisniewski go toe-to-toe.0:57
Dallas Drake tangles with Anaheim's Corey Perry.0:54
Andreas Lilja squares off with Chicago's Patrick Sharp.1:23
Brad Norton gets taken down to the ice after a fight with Buffalo's Andrew Peters.
Jiri Fischer lays a big hit on Nashville's Scott Hartnell, then the two drop the gloves and Fischer lands two big rights on Hartnell.0:29
In the final fight on the night of the first Detroit-Colorado brawl, Jamie Pushor goes toe-to-toe with Uwe Krupp.0:33

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